Quantity Surveyors Education

quantity surveyor education

Quantity Surveyor is a valuable professional that is trained in estimating, controlling and handling all costs related to construction projects. They are well versed in the industry and are experts in all aspects related to construction projects. They are the considered the “Go-To” guys because they are actively involved in the construction project from...

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Quantity Surveyor Job Description

quantity surveyor job

A quantity surveyor predicts and monitors all costs related to the building process. The management of costs and funds begins in the planning stages and carries forward until all actual costs have been leveled. The purpose of this cost management by the quantity surveyor is to minimize the amount of money a client needs to spend on a project, thus enhancing the overall...

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Types of Quantity Surveyors

types of quantity surveyors

Quantity Surveyors are the knowledge banks that dictate the building code adherence, the layout of construction sites, the equipment used for construction sites and ensure all time lines are met and remain within budget. They measure and estimate costs, recalculate costs, determine the types of materials that should be used, create and deliver recommendations...

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