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Quantity Surveyors Education

Quantity Surveyor is a valuable professional that is trained in estimating, controlling and handling all costs related to construction projects. They are well versed in the industry and are experts in all aspects related to construction projects. They are the considered the “Go-To” guys because they are actively involved in the construction project from the inception of the idea to the final walk through of the finished project. They are able to counsel the project director, owner and contractor on costs and budgets to keep the pricing, as well as the time frames, reasonable for all parties involved. The Quantity Surveyor keeps the project functioning on budget at all times and within the deadlines. They ensure all work is completed within the building standards and ensure all building aspects follow the proper building codes to keep in compliance with the various governing organizations.

quantity surveyor educationIn addition to the Quantity Surveyor being well educated about the various building standards and codes, they are also experts on property taxes, insurance costs, workers compensation and other Human Resource related subjects. A great Quantity Surveyor is one that works well with large and small groups of people. The professional is exceptional with numbers, convoluted calculations, read blueprints and calculate geometric shapes. This person is also very thorough, pays attention to detail and is a quick problem solver. They are always available and they are skilled at remembering and reciting large amounts of data and laws at any given moment. They are trustworthy, honest and have good communication as well as presentation skills.

The type of training to become a Quantity Surveyor, requires at least two years of technical engineering or surveying training. The degrees that could lead up to a career as a Quantity Surveyor can include a degree in Building Management or a degree in Construction and Design Management. Both of these are excellent choices to begin pursuing a career as a Quantity Surveyor because skills necessary make a successful Quantity Surveyor are all addressed in these degrees. Outside of the United States are a few universities that actually offer a Quantity Surveyor degree. Some of these schools are: Nottingham Trent University (UK), Dublin University of Technology (Ireland), Northumbria University (UK), Liverpool JMU (UK).

Nottingham Trent University – One year full time program within the School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment which courses include: Property and Construction Economics, Construction/Investment and Planning, Real Estate Management and Investment, Valuation Appraisal

Dublin University of Technology – Two year program courses that include: Construction Technology, Quantity Surveying Practice, Building Measurement, Construction Economics, Project Management, Advanced Measurement or Project Cost and Finance, Construction Law, Development Project, Commercial Surveying or Professional Practice.

Northumbria University – Two year program within the School of the Built Environment and courses: Constructional Environmental and Structural Technologies, Introduction to Law for the Built Environment, Measurement and Coordinated Project Information, Quantitative Methods of Surveyors, Site Surveying and Engineering, Business in the Built Environment.

Year 2: Civil Engineering Measurement and Technology, Development and Construction Law, Construction Economics, Measurement & Technology, Contract Administration, Construction Management and Procurement.

Liverpool JMU – Three year full time program in which some courses are: Building Quantification, Construction Technology and Services, Economics of the Built Environment, Applied Construction Mathematics,

Year 2: Construction Law, Economics of Design, Construction and Development, Building Quantification, Building Productions, Principles of Procurement, Statistical Methods in the Built Environment

Year 3: Building Contracts, Construction Procurement Strategies, Design Economics, Health and Safety Management, Integrative Projects, Managing Resources. Information Management Systems, Construction Technology Projects, Cost and Financial Control.

quantity surveyor educationAlthough there are only a few schools that offers a Quantity Surveyor degree, these few institutions offer some online courses to those seeking degrees in this field. Having an education in this field opens many doors to not just a career as a Quantity Surveyor but also to other fields as well. This degree field covers a wide array of business skills necessary to be successful in Management, Construction, Accounting and other fields as well.

Because this professionals in this field are highly sought after, most students have job offers in this field before they graduate. However, just having a degree in this field does not mean instant qualification. The educational program includes hands on project management experience before the student graduates as well as other various types of real projects the student will work on before graduating. This makes the student more prepared upon graduating to deal with real problems and securing real solutions. The Quantity Surveyor is expected to also be actively involved in a variety of professional organizations within this field as a member. The successful Quantity Surveyor is well respected and thought of as an authority in the industry. Therefore, the education of the Quantity Surveyor is a crucial determining factor in how successful this person will be.

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